Full life cycle technology coverage for your customer

Embudo is an agile, new age marketing technology integration company, blending long years of deep branding and marketing experience with integration of cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to help your business consistently Attract new visitors, Engage them meaningfully, Nurture them through their life cycle, Convert them to paying customers and Retain them by continually exceeding their rising expectations.

Our Services

Technology Consulting

Embudo’s consulting arm, which has a healthy mix of expertise in marketing and technology, can dive deep into your requirements and problems and come up with cost optimized technology and platform interventions to solve your problems in an enduring fashion.


Embudo has deep expertise in the UI play of applications to enhance customer experience. The interventions could be in the form of engaging apps like chatbots, calculators, surveys, scoring quizzes, and more.


We understand that in the digital world, your eyes and ears are also digital. Embudo can suggest ways to “listen” to your customers by tracking their behavior unobtrusively and creating a rich warehouse of buyer patterns which can go a long way to build personalized relationships with them.

The new customer experience centric digital world

In this world, the expectations of the customers have reached a new normal. Customers are continuously and very easily exposed to superior online tools, apps and solutions. The bar has been raised. There is no room for inconsistencies and no option to drop the ball in any interaction or transaction with your customers. As a new age business, your aim would be to deliver a consistent, high quality experience to your customers at all touch points along the life cycle. Businesses grow with superior 360-degree customer experiences.

Enter Marketing Technology
Tech enabling your CX based on robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions can build scale, consistency and measurement into your marketing operations. You can leverage engaging online and mobile applications to develop deeper, longer term connections with customers and help you deliver value over the entire life cycle.

Embudo realised that the only sustainable way to deliver a consistent and productive CX is by embedding technology into the CX flows and leveraging robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions.