Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

You procure invaluable leads and information, and it all goes into your database. But over time, your database can become bloated and unwieldy. You have to search hard to get insights and trends. The more comprehensive the database, the more the importance of updating and managing it for adding value to business.

Embudo has well-trained data professionals who can help you do it all - collect the leads, update the database and maintain the website. They can identify redundancies, suggest alternatives and help fix issues with accuracy. They are proficient in working with most software packages.

By identifying obsolete and incomplete information, eliminating duplication and scrutinising data minutely, Embudo can update and standardise your information. By continuous monitoring, we ensure data quality standards, and by providing dependable support, and using industry-acknowledged validation processes, we help your database be current and precise to the last detail. We maintain complete data confidentiality and by adhering to strict security protocols, we see to it that the safety of your data is not compromised.

Our team consists of millennials who are digital natives along with industry veterans who understand the fundamental purpose of a brand.

We offer you a powerful blend of content, creativity and execution capabilities with keen business insights that help your brands and company to stand out.