We understand that customer experience (CX) is what sets the best companies apart. These companies understand that great experiences require a 360-degree strategy designed to make customers succeed at what they do best – run their business.We’ve partnered with organizations to rethink their business models and put their customers at the heart of their business.

We take a technology centric approach to help businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences by design and put your CX efforts on steroids using robust cloud platforms to build reliability, scale, consistency and security into your business operations.

We show you how you can leverage engaging online and mobile applications to digitize and optimize the entire life cycle of your customer

Embudo at Work

Acquisition Marketing

Embudo can help setup multi-channel marketing campaigns, enable central dashboards, integrate data from varied marketing channels into a unified view of the overall performance vis-a-vis your business targets, and more, to help attract visitors to your properties.

Engagement Marketing

Embudo can design solutions to help prospects find answers quickly using chat-bots, calculators, micro-apps, surveys, personalized offers, and more, which not just engages visitors but also prepares a platform for your business to KEEP UP with the rising customer expectations.

Retention Nurturing

Capture data about user behaviour, store & leverage this data for predictive analysis of buying patterns, personalized communication of offers via multiple channels and prompt service deliveries to drive long term customer retention.

Conversion Nurturing

Embudo can design and integrate core technology pieces, such as CRMs, payment gateways, and secure web applications to facilitate smooth on-boarding for a seamless and trusted sign up experience.

Lead Nurturing

Embudo can design and integrate solutions to help you capture leads into an LMS, integrate with a CRMS, track visitor behaviour, score leads and setup response flows via multiple channels, life cycle follow-up mailers, remarketing, embedded ads, and more, leading to faster conversions, brand recall and trust. 

Embudo realised that the only sustainable way to deliver a consistent and productive CX is by embedding technology into the CX flows and leveraging robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions.