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About the company

This leading engine manufacturer has grown to become a prominent engineering company, manufacturing and supplying to world’s renowned manufacturers a wide range of automotive products and acting as OEM supplier of centrifugally cast cylinder liners, sleeves, cylinder heads, compacted graphite castings, aluminium castings and machined large engine crankshafts. The company took a big leap forward in 2007 and started manufacturing 2, 3, 4 &6 cylinder gaseous and diesel engines and generating sets in the range of 5 kVA to 500 kVA.

Now this company is a group of eleven manufacturing sites engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying precision engineered products worldwide.

"How India's only family-owned, family-run engine manufacturing company, achieved integration and visibility of all leads sourced from multiple channels and not just reduced lead drop-out rates but also increased conversion rates by automating lead nurturing."

The Challenge

The client wanted to grow their business via the digital route and handed the mandate for this to Xebec communications, the parent company of Embudo tech. As the marketing efforts bore fruit, the inbound leads came at a rapid rate and the client found it difficult to accurately track and follow through 100% on inbound leads for their products. There was no easy and accurate way to store and share leads amongst the sales/presales team for nurturing and follow through. This led to lost/dropped leads and missed business opportunities.

The Solution

The Embudo team, designed a responsive web application to receive and consolidate leads from various marketing campaigns (digital, TV, outdoor, calls, listings, etc) and channels in a central repository accessible to all the operations staff and stake holders.

As the sales team responded to and nurtured the leads, they were able to update the status of leads in this repository for all to see and setup alerts for follow ups on future dates.


  • This simple but powerful system ensured 100% lead capture and 100% lead follow up, which not just resulted in improved response time, but also led to more conversions due to consistent lead nurturing.
  • Real time lead position, status visibility to all stakeholders, improved decision making, cross department support and therefore throughput.
  • The automation in this flow set the team free from the mundane & error prone task of maintaining data and let them focus instead on leveraging data to bring more business to the client.
  • It was now possible to deliver a comprehensive lead report, on demand, to management for analysis.
  • The lead status information in the system, allowed the management to gauge the sales team performance and identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Due to complete status feeds on customer calls and communication, by the sales team in the CRM, it was now possible to get an up-to-date view of the reason for losses (and wins too)
  • The system could now show leads classified by region, industry, size and help streamline, tune and align the upstream marketing efforts.

About Embudo & Xebec

Embudo tech is a division of Xebec Communications and is a new age marketing technology integration company, blending long years of deep branding and marketing experience with integration of cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to help your business grow consistently and attract new visitors, engage them meaningfully, nurture them through their life cycle, convert them to paying customers and retain them by continually exceeding their rising expectations.

Embudo understands that developing the solution is not enough. Embudo will not just design and develop technology enabled solutions for your business, but can also take full responsibility to host securely, deliver efficiently, update, backup, and maintain the solutions from Embudo’s cloud platform or a cloud platform of your choice, 24/7, thus providing complete SLA backed life cycle services.

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Embudo realised that the only sustainable way to deliver a consistent and productive CX is by embedding technology into the CX flows and leveraging robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions.