Embudo is a digital marketing and martech company based in India.

We serve global markets and multinational corporations across the B2B and B2C spectrum. With our deep understanding of creativity in communications along with our expertise in the digital medium, we understand how a potential customer, vendor or employee uses digital platforms, and help you dovetail your strategy and content accordingly, thereby offering you what very few can: A creative edge to your digital presence

Our Services

Mobile-first websites

With over 90% people accessing the web through their mobile phones, it is imperative to have designs that are device-maximised and ensure they work seamlessly across screens.


It is not enough to have a good website – it has to be discoverable too. We follow White Hat SEO Technique and Google Guidelines to optimize websites and to give better results according to user queries. Our case studies in SEO speak for themselves: We have turned around challenging assignments in under 4 months.

LinkedIn company profile

To reach out to corporates and professionals, LinkedIn is a powerful platform to reach out to corporates and professionals, LinkedIn is a powerful platform. We help you build and manage profiles and handles of key management personnel. We generate content and ensure predetermined posts that reflect and reinforce the images of those who matter the most.


We provide end-to-end solutions: starting from design and development to data collection and payment gateways, Embudo facilitates them all for you. We help you build your own B2C or B2B Ecommerce websites. We are platform agnostic and will suggest the best fit solution based on your product/services, target markets, SKUs, transaction volumes etc.

Website Maintenance

Embudo has well-trained data professionals who can help you do it all - collect the leads, update the database and maintain the website. They can identify redundancies, suggest alternatives and help fix issues with accuracy. They are proficient in working with most software packages.

Our team consists of millennials who are digital natives along with industry veterans who understand the fundamental purpose of a brand.

We offer you a powerful blend of content, creativity and execution capabilities with keen business insights that help your brands and company to stand out.