Technology Consulting

Embudo’s consulting arm, which has a healthy mix of expertise in marketing and technology, can dive deep into your requirements and problems and come up with cost optimized technology and platform interventions to solve your problems in an enduring fashion.

Most brands and marketers only utilize 15% of technologies and capabilities they are already paying for, so the focus should not be in the number of technologies that need to adopted, but in “applying” them to solve business needs and changing consumer behaviors.- Mayur Gupta, SVP, Head of Digital Capabilities & OmniChannel Business, Healthgrades
People standing in a circle
People standing in a circle
People standing in a circle

Having a deep understanding of the marketing and customer life cycle context, Embudo is uniquely positioned to suggest solutions not just spanning the technology domain but also crossing over to the people and process domains.

Embudo can suggest a comprehensive plan of technology interventions across your customers’ life cycle, such as building a strong digital presence and platform as a foundational element for your business, leveraging marketing automation and visibility to understand campaign performance, user engagement, optimizing engagements and leveraging organic and paid methods to draw relevant traffic to your digital properties.

  • Never lose a lead - capture leads in an LMS
  • Score and Track lead progress by integrating with a CRM
  • Maintain constant touch with auto responders, life cycle emailers, remarketing, embedded ads, etc
  • Automatically Amp your nurturing efforts based on lead score and activity
  • Stay contextual to speed up conversions, brand recall and trust

Embudo realised that the only sustainable way to deliver a consistent and productive CX is by embedding technology into the CX flows and leveraging robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions.