Today’s consumer does not necessarily read the papers in the morning and sit on a sofa flipping channels in the evening. She does much more. She has become smarter, her online presence is growing; she chooses where she goes and what she does. She has become unpredictable.

So how do you ensure she engages with your communication and products in an engaging manner? How do you make her an endorser and an ambassador? How do you build a database of thousands, even millions like her and mine it for information and action?

Embudo has deep expertise in the UI play of applications to enhance customer experience. The interventions could be in the form of engaging apps like chatbots, calculators, surveys, scoring quizzes, and more.

Embudo’s consulting arm, which has a healthy mix of expertise in marketing and technology, can dive deep into your requirements and problems and come up with cost optimized technology and platform interventions to solve your problems in an enduring fashion.

We realise that the only sustainable way to deliver a consistent and productive CX is by embedding technology into the CX flows and leveraging robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions, which can build scale, consistency and measurement into a customer’s end to end marketing operations.

Since it’s not the business of most businesses to set up, manage and maintain such technology platforms, we provide all the services needed onsite. We also deliver the technology solutions on an SLA backed SaaS platform. This platform hosts the solution securely, delivers efficiently, update, backup, and maintains the solution from a public cloud platform, 24/7, thus providing complete life cycle services.

We understand that traditional marketing methods like advertising, public relations, events, and even SEO/SEM, which are primarily tail-end marketing & promotion activities, are necessary but not enough to build a sustainable brand in this rapidly digitising world, and we are here to help you in the successful transition.

So if yours is a consumer-centric business, get in touch with Embudotech today. We will unleash the power of digital technology to bring you closer to your consumer.