Traditionally this pyramid has been used as a model while defining projects to tackle business problems or effect business transformations. This pyramid with people at the base works on the model that forming a right team is the first step and is foundational. These people then define the processes, which form the second layer on the pyramid, and the technology pieces to support the processes.

So, there is a heavy dependence on people and the business then becomes people centric. In other words, many processes and operations will not work smoothly or not work at all unless the right set of people are available.

This also means that for the customer to have a good experience, where most touch points are manned by people, the teams must be well trained, always available, and always “present”.

However, in today’s digitally enabled world, the expectations of customers have reached a new normal. The customers don’t want to talk to anybody in your company and would rather self-help themselves to use your service. The bar has been raised and the competition is only a click away.

As a new age business, your aim would be to deliver a consistent, high quality experience to your customers at all touch points along the life cycle.

The only reliable way for you to achieve quality, scale, reliability and consistency in ALL your touch points is through automating each business flow and providing your customers a high-quality DIY UX to manage their data, preferences, purchases, payments, etc.

This means you must “martech” enable your business.

Tech enabling your CX based on robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions can build scale, consistency and measurement into your marketing operations. Along with online and mobile applications, your customers will experience a deeper, longer term connections with your business and experience value over the entire life cycle.

So naturally your organisation now must become tech centric/tech led.

For this we propose an inverted pyramid where Technology forms the foundation and base for all your operations. At the next layer, you fit in processes, which are also tech enabled for the most part and at the apex you have people who drive these initiatives to review the business flows, introduce technology piece by piece into each flow and handle exceptions.

Besides your products and services, you would need to deploy a marketing technology stack at your foundation layer which helps you automate flows to attract visitors, acquire leads, nurture them, convert them and maintain them through their life cycle with DIY tools and interfaces enabling the customers to help themselves.


To put these new recommendations and practices to use, most organisations will need to spend time and resources building new digital systems.

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About the Author: Anil Bhat is the COO at Embudo Tech, a marketing technology agency that specializes in helping businesses leverage technology to grow their online presence.